What is IdGC?

Since 2007, year of its creation, IdGC federates the actions of the whole CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) for the development of a grid and cloud national infrastructure.
IdGC is also the corporate officer for the Group of Scientific Interest France Grilles, which represents France as the French National Grid Infrastructure on EGI (European Grid Infrastructure).

Who is the IdGC team?

Vincent Breton is the director of the IdGC, Guy Wormser its foundator. The deputy director is Michel Daydé.
By their side, a small team keep the IdGC going:

  • Géraldine Fettahi, in charge of the administration and the finance of the unit. She was replaced by Marie-Christine Lehalle during her recent abcence.
  • Geneviève Romier, in charge of the user support and the international liaison, in particular for the european project EGI Engage.
  • Silvia Gervois, the communication officer.
  • Vincent Legoll, developer of OpenStack Cloud, by the side of Jérôme Pansanel, the technical director of France Grilles.
  • Benjamin Levy take part on the technical coordination of France Grilles. He left us for a while but we hope he will be back with us soon.
  • Quang Buy works on the migration from OpenNebule to OpenStack for the IRIT platform.
  • Vincent Breton, Directeur de l'IdGC
    Vincent Breton

    Géraldine Fettahi, Responsable administrative et financière de l'IdGC
    Géraldine Fettahi

    Geneviève Romier, Chargée des relations avec les utilisateurs de l'IdGC
    Geneviève Romier

    Silvia Gervois, Chargée de communication de l'IdGC
    Silvia Gervois

    Benjamin Levy
    Benjamin Levy

    Quang Buy
    Quang Buy

    Marie-Christine Lehalle
    Marie-Christine Lehalle

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